My Bands

Richard Barry & the chaps

Moore Marriott

I play semi-regularly for Manchester Glee. They are Fabulous.

I played on Louis Barabbas's first solo album 'Gentle Songs of Ceaseless Horror' and his musical 'Jocasta'. He's lovely.

My past bands include



Physical Jerks

Becca and the broken biscuits

Lou & the Llamas


Ernie Ball - Tacoma - Olympia* - Stick Enterprises* - OLP* - Fender*




Boss - EBS - Electro-Harmonix - Devi Ever - Bright Onion - Samson - Tech 21 - Jim Dunlop - Aphex - Ernie Ball - Cioks

Pickups & Preamps

Bartolini - Fishman - E-Pro*

Other gear

Hipshot - Mono Straps - Ernie Ball Strings - Hiscox cases - Protec Gigbags - Tim Hendson Double Bass gigbags


Ollie Collins - Bass & Stick player, teacher and guru

Rhys Berwick - Fellow Adelphite and jolly nice bloke

Ged Green - Manchester/Cheshire luthier and top man

Online Music shops

Melodyworks - The Really Useful Music Company - Strings Direct - Omega Music - Southern Ukulele Store

* - I don't use them anymore but I'm still happy to recommend them

If you would like me to link to you please email me at and if you're brilliant, I will.

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So there.